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SIAS Journals1Water-Power on Farms in West Somerset. D. Warren.
SIAS Journals1A Withy Boiler at Burrow Bridge. A. Ward.
SIAS Journals1Shapwick Windmill. C. Buchanan.
SIAS Journals1The bath brick industry at Bridgwater. J. Murless.
SIAS Journals1Horse Gins in Somerset.
SIAS Journals3Chidgey's Foundry, watchet. D. Warren.
SIAS Journals3A Somerset brick maker of 1860. R. Bush.
SIAS Journals3Taunton Brickyards. B. Murless.
Vernacular Architecture5A late aisled house in Suffolk. Sylvia Colman
Vernacular Architecture5A persistence of archaic framing techniques in Kesteven. David Roberts.
Vernacular Architecture5Sotches,Lever Sockets & Rafter Holes. F Charles
Vernacular Architecture5Popular crucks in Worcestershire & Herefordshire. Richard Harris.
Vernacular Architecture6Cruck Distributions from recent maps. J t Smith
Vernacular Architecture6Aisled Halls in England & wales. K. sandal.
Vernacular Architecture7The History of the German Hallhouse. K. Baumgarten.
Vernacular Architecture7Segregation in vernacular buildings. C. Carson.
Vernacular Architecture8Farmhouses & Cottages in Quercy. E. Mollison.
Vernacular Architecture8The Mechanism of the pre-industrial building cycle. R. Machin.
Vernacular Architecture8Jointed Crucks. E H D Williams.
Vernacular Architecture8The closure of unglazed windows. J Armstrong.
Vernacular Architecture9Roof carpentry of Brittany. Gwyn Merion-Jones.
Vernacular Architecture9The purpose of rafter holes. J McCann.
Vernacular Architecture10Roof carpentry of Brittany - cruck construction. Gwyn Merion-Jones.
Vernacular Architecture10Refacing with brick-tiles. T P Smith.
Vernacular Architecture11Distribution of brick bonds in England to 1800. A Brian.
Vernacular Architecture11Trusses with curved principals in W Europe. H Janse
Vernacular Architecture11Medieval vernacular roof trusses in Surrey. J M Harding.
Vernacular Architecture12C17th sqatters' dwellings. JH Bettey
Vernacular Architecture12Brick building in Somerset. EHD Williams & RG Gilson.
Vernacular Architecture12Knee principal roofs. R Taylor
Vernacular Architecture12Architectural reconstruction of timber buildings from archaeological evidence (Cheddar Palace inc.) PA Rahtz etc.
Vernacular Architecture13Post construction and the rafter roof. FWB Charles.
Vernacular Architecture13Houses into Cottages. S Colman
Vernacular Architecture13Vernacular roof types in N Avon & S Gloucestershire. L Hall.
Vernacular Architecture15An Eighteenth Century Cambridgeshire Helm. R. Taylor.
Vernacular Architecture15Evidence for Helms in Gloucestershire in the Fourteenth Century. C. Dyer.
Vernacular Architecture15Helms, Hovels and Belfrys: More Evidence from Probate Inventories. S. Needham.
Vernacular Architecture15Low Open-Truss Beams (Mantle Beams): Problems of Function and Distribution. Alcock & Moran.
Vernacular Architecture15Clay and Cobb Buildings. J. McCann.
Vernacular Architecture15English Stone Building. Clifton-Taylor and Ireson.
Vernacular Architecture15Living with the Past. D. Baker.
Vernacular Architecture15The Rural houses of N. Avon and S. Gloucestershire. L. Hall.
Vernacular Architecture15Farms in England. P.J. Fowler.
Vernacular Architecture16The Distribution of Somerset Roof Tiles in Brittany: A Provisional Assessment. G. Merrion-Jones.
Vernacular Architecture16Half-Hipped Roofs in Pre- seventeenth Century Somerset Buildings. Williams & Gilson.
Vernacular Architecture16Timber Framed Shops 1300-1600. Comparative Plans. D. Stenning.
Vernacular Architecture16The Vernacular buildings of West and Middle Chinnock. SSAVBRG.
Vernacular Architecture16The History of a Tudor House. H. Dickinson.
Vernacular Architecture17Aisled halls in England and Wales. K. Sandall.
Vernacular Architecture17Crucks: New Documentary Evidence. Alcock & Blair.
Vernacular Architecture17Discovering Cottage Architecture. C. powell.
Vernacular Architecture17Timber buildings in Britain. Brunskill.
Vernacular Architecture17Barns of Rural Britain. G. Hughes.
Vernacular Architecture17The Archaeology of Medieval England. H. Clarke.
Vernacular Architecture18Is Clay Lump a Traditional Building Material? J. McCann.
Vernacular Architecture18Houses and History. M. Barley.
Vernacular Architecture18The Medieval brick making industry in England, 1400-1450. T. Smith.
Vernacular Architecture18Victorian Farms. R. Brigden.
Vernacular Architecture18Somerset Villages: The Vernacular Houses with Farms and Farmsteads of Alford and Lovington. SSAVBGR.
Vernacular Architecture19Time and Chance: modelling the Attrition of Old Houses. C. Currie.
Vernacular Architecture19The Influence of Wind on the Orientation of Threshing Barns. A. Kenworthy.
Vernacular Architecture19The Domesday Inheritance. J. Ravensdale.
Vernacular Architecture19The Medieval English Domestic Timber Roof. M. Bismanis.
Vernacular Architecture20Carpenter's Marks. S. Wallsgrove.
Vernacular Architecture20Upstairs or Downstairs? Alcock & Currie.
Vernacular Architecture20The Grammar of Carpentry. R. Harris.
Vernacular Architecture20Somerset Villages: The Vernacular Buildings of Batcombe. SSAVBRG.
Vernacular Architecture20Wiltshire Farmhouses and Cottages. P. Slocombe.
Vernacular Architecture20Bee Boles and Bee Houses. A. Foster.
Vernacular Architecture21Time and Chance - Medieval houses. Mercer, Smith and Currie.
Vernacular Architecture21Base cruck usages in Suffolk. S. Coleman
Vernacular Architecture21The Recording of Standing Buildings. J. Bold.
Vernacular Architecture21Archaic Roofs in Hereford and Worcester. C. Currie.
Vernacular Architecture21Jetties. R. Harris.
Vernacular Architecture21Recording timber Framed Buildings; an illustrated glossary. Alcock, Barley, Dixon, Meeson
Vernacular Architecture21Historic Farm Buildings. J. Lake.
Vernacular Architecture24Earthfast Posts: The Persistence of Alternative Building Techniques. Meeson & Welch.
Vernacular Architecture24An unusual Roof Truss for Upper Rooms with low side walls. J. Peters.
Vernacular Architecture24Traditional Buildings of Britain-An Introduction to Vernacular Architecture. Brunskill.
Vernacular Architecture24A Dovecote Heritage. P. & J. Hansell
Vernacular Architecture24The Trussed Roof, its History and Development. D.Yeomans.
Vernacular Architecture24English Houses 1200-1800, the Hertfordshire Evidence and Hertfordshire Houses:
Vernacular Architecture24Selective Inventory. J.T. Smith.
Vernacular Architecture25Identifying and Classifying Mason's Marks. B. Tyson.
Vernacular Architecture25Covenants in Conveyancing Instruements: A Note for the Vernacular Architectural Historian. K.T. Ward.
Vernacular Architecture25Housing culture. Traditional architecture in an English Landscape. M. Johnson.
Vernacular Architecture25Medieval houses of Wiltshire. P. Slocombe.
Vernacular Architecture25Somerset Villages: The Houses, Cottages and Farms of Chiselborough. SSAVBRG.
Vernacular Architecture25People at Home: Living in a Warwickshire Village, 1500-1800. N. Alcock.
Vernacular Architecture27Cruck Distribution: A Social Explanation. E. Mercer.
Vernacular Architecture27The Cobb at Lyme Regis, Dorset: A sideways look at Vernacular Materials and Techniques. J. Cox.
Vernacular Architecture27Time and Place: medieval carpentry in Staffordshire. R. Meeson.
Vernacular Architecture27The Medieval Hall: the basis of secular domestic life, 600-1600. M.W. Thompson
Vernacular Architecture28History and Vernacular Architecture. C. Dyer.
Vernacular Architecture28Vernacular Architecture: The Loss of Innocence.
Vernacular Architecture28The Origin of Clay Lump in England. J. McCann.
Vernacular Architecture28Arch Braces or Tension Braces? D. Stenning
Vernacular Architecture28Somerset villages: The Vernacular Buildings of Shapwick. SVBRG.
Vernacular Architecture30Late Twelfth and EarlyThirteenth-Century.Aisled Buildings: A Comparison. J. Walker.
Vernacular Architecture30The Somerset Dendrochronology Project: Phase 3. J & J Penoyre.
Vernacular Architecture30Individual Case Studies, Hig h St, Rode. J. Dallimore
Vernacular Architecture30The Age of Transition: The Archaeology of English Culture 1400-1600. Gaimster and Stamper.
Vernacular Architecture30Urbane and Rustic England, cultural ties and social spheres in the Provinces. C. Esterbrook.
Vernacular Architecture30English farmsteads 1750-1914. Barnwell and Giles.
Vernacular Architecture31Naming the Parts of Post-Medieval roof Structures. J. Campbell.
Vernacular Architecture31Blind Backs and Nineteenth Century Working Class Houses. P. Crouch.
Vernacular Architecture31The Development of English building Construction. C. Innocent.
Vernacular Architecture31Medieval masons. M. Hislop.
Vernacular Architecture31The development of Timber as a Structural Material. D. Yeomans.
Vernacular Architecture31Houses of the Gentry, 1480-1680. N. Cooper.
Vernacular Architecture32Detached Kitchens or Adjoining Houses? J.T. Smith. / D & B. Martin.
Vernacular Architecture32Plundering the Past: Roman Stonework in Medieval Britain. T. Eaton.
Vernacular Architecture32Living and Working in Seventeenth century England: an encyclopedia of drawings and descriptions from Randle Holme's original manuscripts. Alcock & Cox.
Vernacular Architecture32Vernacular Houses and Farms of Butleigh. J. Dallimore.
Vernacular Architecture34Small Aisled Halls in Essex. D.F. Stenning etc
Vernacular Architecture34An Investigation of the Orientation of Timber framed Houses in Herefordshire. D. James.
Vernacular Architecture34Variations in the Survival Rate of Timber-Framed Buildings in Two Sussex parishes. D. Chatwin.
Vernacular Architecture34The Configuration of Inner Rooms and Chambers in the Transitional Houses of Eastern Sussex. D. Martin.
Vernacular Architecture34Rock House Farm, Great Haywood: A Fifteenth- Century Staffordshire Semi? M. Hislop.
Vernacular Architecture34A Lobby Entrance House of 1615: Model Farm, Linstead magna, Halesworth, Suffolk. J. Walker.
Vernacular Architecture34Tree Ring dates (inc Somerset dendro Project, phase 5).
Vernacular Architecture34Surrey Medieval buildings, an inventory and analysis. P. Grey
Vernacular Architecture34The Smaller Brick, Stone and Weatherboard Houses of Surrey. G. Howard.
Vernacular Architecture34The English Model Farm: Building the Agricultural Ideal. S.W. Martins.
Vernacular Architecture34Cotters and Squatters: Housing's Hidden History. C. Ward.
Vernacular Architecture35Luminescence Dating of Brick Chimneys A. Antrobus.
Vernacular Architecture35Cranked Inner Principals. David Clark.
Vernacular Architecture35A Medieval Urban house with two heated open rooms: 3, 5 Butter St. Alcester. Alcock & Moir.
Vernacular Architecture35Tree Ring Dates ( a selection, inc. Somerset dendro, phase 6)
Vernacular Architecture35Documenting the History of Houses. Nat Alcock.
Vernacular Architecture35Town houses of Medieval Britain. A. Quiney.
Vernacular Architecture35Understanding Small Period Houses. A. Laws.
Vernacular Architecture35Oak: A British History. Harris, Harris & James.
Vernacular Architecture35Ceramic roofware. Hans van Lemmen.
Vernacular Architecture35English Architecture to 1900. E. Mercer.
Vernacular Architecture36On the Origins of Crucks: An Innocent Notion Nick Hill
Vernacular Architecture36The Quest for one's own front door:Housing the Vicars Choral at the English Cathedrals. D. Stoker.
Vernacular Architecture36An Early Vernacular Hammer-Beam Structure - West Sussex. J. Clarke
Vernacular Architecture36Ritual Marks And Graffiti: Curiosities or Meaningful Symbols. Bob Meeson
Vernacular Architecture36Housing the Urban Poor in 1800 - Warwickshire. Nat Alcock
Vernacular Architecture36The Bernoulli Principle and Smoke Control (open hall house) Mary Adams
Vernacular Architecture36The Late Medieval Remodelling of Early Roofs. Edward Roberts
Vernacular Architecture36Medieval Building Techniques G. Binding
Vernacular Architecture36New Winchelsea, Sussex: a Medieval Port Town. D & B Martin
Vernacular Architecture36The Vernacular Workshop from Craft to Industry 1400-1900 Ed P Barnwell etc
Vernacular Architecture36Discovering Cottage Architecture C Powell
Vernacular Architecture37Vernacular Architecture and Landscape History: The legacy of the Rebuilding of Rural England and the making of the English Landscape. Christopher Dyer Developing Hoskins.
Vernacular Architecture37Buildings and Place: Farmsteads and the Mapping of Change. J. Lake & B. Edwards.
Vernacular Architecture37The Origins of Crucks: Innocence or Naivete? A response. Nat Alcock.
Vernacular Architecture37Stone in the Vernacular of Rural Wales during C19th. Judith Alfrey
Vernacular Architecture37Medieval Clay Walled Houses: A case study from Norfolk. Adam Longcroft
Vernacular Architecture37Somerset Dendrochronology Project: Summary of Results. M. McDermott
Vernacular Architecture37Hall Houses A. Michael Mennim
Vernacular Architecture37Acton Court: The Evolution of an Early Tudor Courtier's House. K. Rodwell & R. Bell
Vernacular Architecture37Structural Appraisal of Traditional Buildings P. Robson
Vernacular Architecture38The Unit System Revisited:Dual Domestic Planning and the Development Cycle of the Family Richard Suggett
Vernacular Architecture38A Three Dimensional, Timber-Framed Encyclopedia of Geometrical Carpentry Design. Laurie Smith
Vernacular Architecture38Clay-Walled Houses in Norfolk: Some Comments. John McCann.
Vernacular Architecture38Houses and the Hearth Tax: the Later Stuart House and Scoiety Ed. P. Barnwell & m. Aires.
Vernacular Architecture38Architects and Building Craftsmen with work in Wiltshire. Pam Slocombe
Vernacular Architecture38Recent Research into Vernacular Buildings And Parish Churchrs: Case studies from Norfolk. Adam Longcroft
Vernacular Architecture39Modern Homes for Modern People: Identifying and Interpreting the Highland Building Boom, 1775-1825. Dan Maudlin.
Vernacular Architecture39A Preliminary Roof Typology for the NE of England c1200-1700. Martin Roberts.
Vernacular Architecture39Building in Earth in Late-Medieval England. Christopher Dyer.
Vernacular Architecture39Hanging Chimneys, Smoke Chimneys or Smoking Chimneys in Scottish Domestic Buildings. Bruce Walker.
Vernacular Architecture39Bayesian Interpretation of Tree-Ring Dates in Practice. Cathy Tyers
Vernacular Architecture39Cooking and Dining in Medieval England Antonia Catchpole.
Vernacular Architecture39Burford: Buildings and People in A Cotswold Town. David Clark and Robert Peberdy.
Vernacular Architecture39The Shapwick Project, Somerset. A Rural Landscape Explored. Christopher Gerrard, Mick Aston Etc.
Vernacular Architecture40Medieval Houses in English Towns: Form and Location, Sarah Pearson.
Vernacular Architecture40The Vernacular Architecture of the Grosmount Map of 1588. Ken Palmer.
Vernacular Architecture40Renewal and Replacement in a Northamptonshire Village: Housing in Pottersbury 1727-1910. Rod Conlon.
Vernacular Architecture40Mud and Frame Construction in South Leicestershire. Neil Finn
Vernacular Architecture40Differing Approaches to the Elimination of Arcade Posts in the Timber-Framed Open Halls of Britain and Japan. Toru Horie
Vernacular Architecture40Radiocarbon Dating of a Reused Cruck Blade from Warwickshire and Its Implications for the
Vernacular Architecture40Typology of Cruck Construction. Nat Alcock and Bob Meeson.
Vernacular Architecture40Vol. 40 Medieval Architectural Drawing: English Craftsmen's Methods and their Later Persistence (c. 1200-1700). Arnold Pacey
Vernacular Architecture40Traditional Buildings in the Parish of Combe St. Nicholas. SVBRG, (Nat Alcock.)
Vernacular Architecture40John Lewyn of Durham: A Medieval Mason in Practice. Malcolm Hislop.
Vernacular Architecture40West Country Farms: House-and-Estate Surveys. Nat Alcock and Cary Carson.
Vernacular Architecture40The English Parsonage in the Early Nineteenth Century. Timothy Brittain-Catlin.
Vernacular Architecture41The Polite Threshold in Seventeenth-And 18-Century Britain. Adrian Green.
Vernacular Architecture41Crossing Boundaries: Revisiting the Thresholds of Vernacular Architecture. Daniel Maudlin.
Vernacular Architecture41Vernacular Parallels: Brochs & Blackhouses. George Geddes.
Vernacular Architecture41The Unmistakeable Fashion of the Time?: Dating Flore's House at Oakham, Rutland. Nick Hill.
Vernacular Architecture41The Distribution & Dating of Wealden Houses. (Including 1 in Yeovil!) Nat Alcock
Vernacular Architecture41The Lexis of Building in Wood in Bilingual Medieval England. William Sayers.
Vernacular Architecture41A Vernacular Window of 1618. John McCann.
Vernacular Architecture41Caldecote: The Development & Desertion of a Hertfordshire VILLAGE. Guy Beresford et al.
Vernacular Architecture41Rye Rebuilt: Regeneration & Decline within a Sussex Port Town. David & Barbara Martin.
Vernacular Architecture41Sandwich: The Completest Medieval town in England: A study of the town and port from its Origins to 1600. Helen Clarke etc.
Vernacular Architecture41Warwickshire Hearth Tax Returns: Michelmas 1670. Ed Tom Arkell & Nat Alcock.
Vernacular Architecture41Westmorland Hearth Tax Returns: Michelmas 1670. Ed Colin Philips etc
Vernacular Architecture41The VCH of the Counties of England; A History of the County of Sussex Vii Littlehampton & District. Ed C P Lewis.
Vernacular Architecture41Lancashire North. Clare Hartwell & N Pevsner.
Vernacular Architecture41Yorkshire West Riding. Peter Leach & N. Pevsner
Vernacular Architecture41Hill Hall: A Singular House Devised by a Tudor Intellectual. Paul Drury with R. Simpson.
Vernacular Architecture41The Highland House Transformed. Architecture & Identity on the Edge of Britain. Daniel Maudlin.
Vernacular Architecture41The Tacolneston Project. A Study of Historic Buildings in the Claylands of South Norfolk. Ed Adam Longcroft etc.
Vernacular Architecture41Handmade Houses and other buildings. The World of Vernacular Architecture. John May
Vernacular Architecture42The Parochial Nature of Timber Framing. Duncan James (see Vol. 43)
Vernacular Architecture42Early Hay Barns in the South of England. Edward Roberts
Vernacular Architecture42Engravings as evidence of Dovecotes. John McCann.
Vernacular Architecture42The English Medieval Roof: crown Post to King Post. John Walker
Vernacular Architecture42Hampshire Houses: Their dating & development. Edward Roberts.
Vernacular Architecture42English Houses1300-1800.: Vernacular Architecture, Social Life. Matthew Johnson.
Vernacular Architecture42Somerset Villages: Traditional Buildings in the Parish of Stogursey. SVBRG
Vernacular Architecture43An Internet Accessible Building Archaeological Research Database (BARD). A.Moir
Vernacular Architecture43Saw marks in Vernacular Buildings and their wider significance. Duncan James.
Vernacular Architecture43An early C15th Warwickshire Cruck House using Joggled Halvings. N Alcock & D Miles
Vernacular Architecture43The Provision of Services in Medieval Houses in Kent. Sarah Pearson.
Vernacular Architecture43Structural Trends in English Medieval Buildings: New insights from Dendrochronology. Bob Meeson.
Vernacular Architecture43Dartmoor's Alluring Uplands: Transhumance & Pastoral Management In the Middle Ages. Work by
Vernacular Architecture43Harold Fox, compiled by Matt Tompkins & Chris Dyer.
Vernacular Architecture43Up-dates of Pevsner:- Berkshire
Vernacular Architecture43Up-dates of Pevsner:- Cheshire
Vernacular Architecture43Up-dates of Pevsner:- Herefordshire
Vernacular Architecture43Up-dates of Pevsner:- Somerset: North & Bristol
Vernacular Architecture43Traditional Building Materials. Matthew Slocombe
Vernacular Architecture43A Legal History of the English Landscape. Christopher Jessel
Vernacular Architecture43The English Castle: 1066-1650. John Goodall. **Highly Recommended!
Vernacular Architecture45Burn Marks on Buildings: Accidental or Deliberate? Nick Hill & John Dean
Vernacular Architecture45An Archaeological Approach to the Development of the Late Medieval Peasant House Mark Gardiner.
Vernacular Architecture45The Theatre of the Welsh Farmer's Domestic Life. Richard Bebb
Vernacular Architecture45Social Reform & Segregation: Tenant Housing in the Isle of Lewis. 1795-1900. Catriona Mackie.
Vernacular Architecture45Materials and Construction. A Pair of Late Medieval Two-Cell Houses in an Essex Village, and a
Vernacular Architecture45Regional Context for the Building Type. Tim Howson.
Vernacular Architecture45Baythorne Hall, a Raised-Aisled Hall in Birdbrook, Essex, & its realationship to other Raised-
Vernacular Architecture45Aisled halls. John Walker.
Vernacular Architecture45Designs Upon The Land. Elite Landscapes of the Middle Ages (2013) Oliver H Creighton.
Vernacular Architecture45Traditional Buildings in the Oxford Region: c 1300-1840 John Steane & James Ayres.
Vernacular Architecture45Textile Mills of South West England. Mike Williams.
SAHNS Proceedings130Pen, Ilchester and Yeovil: a study in the landscape history and archaeology of south-east Somerset. Katherine Barker.
SAHNS Proceedings130The Glastonbury Manors and their Saxon Charters. S.C. Morland.
SAHNS Proceedings134Curing chambers and Corn kilns in S.W. England. E.H.D. Williams.
SAHNS Proceedings136The Victoria History of the Counties of England: a History of the County of Somerset, Vol. VI ( Hundreds of Andersfield, Cannington, N. Petherton). R. Dunning
SAHNS Proceedings136Somerset place names. Stephen Robinson.
SAHNS Proceedings136Bridgwater, history and guide. R. Dunning
SAHNS Proceedings137Somerset Villages: The Houses, Cottages and Farms of Chiselborough. SVBRG.
SAHNS Proceedings137Decorative plasterwork in the Houses of Somerset 1500 - 1700. J & J Penoyre.
SAHNS Proceedings137Wells: The Anatomy of a Medieval and Early modern Property Market. A.J. Scrase.
SAHNS Proceedings138A Medieval Farmhouse at Meadow Vale Farm, Near Wincanton. Newman, Mepham & Bonner.
SAHNS Proceedings138Lancin Farmhouse, Wambrook. John Dallimore.
SAHNS Proceedings138Early Bench-ends in All Saint's Church, Trull. M. McDermott.
SAHNS Proceedings138The Landed Estates of Somerset since 1873. P. Dale-Thomas.
SAHNS Proceedings138Index of Somerset Probate Inventories. A. Webb.
SAHNS Proceedings138Somerset Paupers: Unremembered Lives. T. Munckton.
SAHNS Proceedings138Somerset Villages; Hazelbury Plucknett. Evolution and Change of alnd, Society and Buildings. S & SAVBRG
SAHNS Proceedings139The resident Gentry of Somerset in 1502. M. Havinden.
SAHNS Proceedings139Roman Settlement and Salt Production on the Somerset Coast: the work of Samuel Nash. S. Rippon.
SAHNS Proceedings139Anglo-Saxon Glastonbury: Church and Endowment. L. Abrams.
SAHNS Proceedings139The Medieval Landscape of Wessex. Aston & Lewis.
SAHNS Proceedings139Medieval Windmills in South-Western England. C.J. Bond.
SAHNS Proceedings140Some Bruton Town Houses. J & J Penoyre.
SAHNS Proceedings140Somerset Villages: The Vernacular buildings of Shapwick. SVBRG
SAHNS Proceedings141Economy and Society in 18th-century Somerset: Evidence from neglected sources. J.H. Thomas
SAHNS Proceedings141Medieval Somerset Roofs. Jane Penoyre.
SAHNS Proceedings142The Somerset Estates of the Vicars Choral of Wells. R.G. Hill.
SAHNS Proceedings142Somerset Dendrochronology, phase 3. J & J Penoyre.
SAHNS Proceedings142Supplementary notes on bench-ends in Trull Church. M. McDermott.
SAHNS Proceedings143People Bewitched: Witchcraft and Magic in Nineteenth Century Somerset. O. Davies.
SAHNS Proceedings143Streets and Market Places in Towns of S. W. England: Encroachments and Improvements. A.J. Scrase.
SAHNS Proceedings143The Somerset Coalfield. S. Gould.
SAHNS Proceedings143The Victoria History of the County of Somerset, volume VII: Bruton, Horethorne and Norton
SAHNS Proceedings143Ferris hundreds. Edited R. Dunning
SAHNS Proceedings145Mesolithic to Bronze Age activity, Chedzoy. C. Norman
SAHNS Proceedings145Somerset Population prior to 1801 Census, based on Rack & Collinson, by John Oswin.
SAHNS Proceedings146Somerset Building stone; a guide. Hugh Prudden
SAHNS Proceedings146Medieval archaeological features at Church St, Milborne Port. A.T. Smith
SAHNS Proceedings146The Affinities and Antecedents of Medieval Settlements: Topographical perspectives from three of the Somerset hundreds. Nick Corcos.
SAHNS Proceedings146Geology and Landscape of Taunton Deane: A geological exploration of South west Somerset. Hugh Prudden.
SAHNS Proceedings147Decorated Medieval Floor tiles of Somerset. B.J. Lowe.
SAHNS Proceedings147Domestic Interiors: The British tradition 1500 - 1850. James Ayres.
SAHNS Proceedings147Somerset Families. R. Dunning.
SAHNS Proceedings148Bradley Hill, Somerset, and the end of Roman Britain: a study in continuity? James Gerrard
SAHNS Proceedings148Evidence for the medieval hamlets of Pykeash and Ash Boulogne: archaeological excavations at Ash. Alan Graham
SAHNS Proceedings148Somerset archaeology, 2004. C J Webster
SAHNS Proceedings148The Dovecotes of Historical Somerset. P. and J. McCann
SAHNS Proceedings148The Wealth and Estates of Glastonbury Abbey at the Dissolution in 1539. Peter Clery.
SAHNS Proceedings149Vol. 149 Medieval domestic and Church roofs in Somerset. M. McDermott
SAHNS Proceedings149The Somerset Dendrochronology Project: phases 5 & 6. M McDermott.
SAHNS Proceedings149Building Recording in 2005. SVBRG
SAHNS Proceedings149The Introduction of the Brown Rat. J. McCann.
SAHNS Proceedings149The Roman to medieval Transition in the Region of S. Cadbury Castle, Somerset. J.E. Davey
SAHNS Proceedings149Traditional Houses of Somerset. J. Penoyre.
SAHNS Proceedings149Somerset Villages: Vernacular Houses and Farms of Butleigh. SVBRG.
SAHNS Proceedings149Somerset Villages: the Traditional houses and farms of Compton Dundon. SVBRG
SAHNS Proceedings149A History of Bridgwater. J.C. Lawrence.
SAHNS Proceedings150An archipelago in central Somerset:the origins of Muchelney Abbey. Mick Aston(See *)
SAHNS Proceedings150Excavation and building study at Cleeve Abbey, 1995-2003. R. Parker, T. Ives and J. Allan.
SAHNS Proceedings150Building recording in 2006. SVBRG
SAHNS Proceedings150Keynsham Abbey: a Cartulary. Barbara Lowe
SAHNS Proceedings150The Acland Family: Maps and Surveys, 1720-1840. Ed. By M R Ravenhill & M M Rowe
SAHNS Proceedings150The Historic Landscape of the Quantock Hills. H Riley
SAHNS Proceedings150Quantock Miscellany: Pictures, Literature and History. A Mead & D Worthy.
SAHNS Proceedings151Shapwick, Domesday Book and the 'Polden Estate'. F.R.Thorn.
SAHNS Proceedings151An Early Medieval Secular and Ecclesiastical Estate: The Origins of the Parish of Winscombe in
SAHNS Proceedings151North Somerset'. Mick Aston & Michael Costen.
SAHNS Proceedings151'The West Somerset Woollen Trade, 1500-1714' Philip Ashford.
SAHNS Proceedings151'A Carthusian Grange at Green Ore on Mendip. Pip Osborne.
SAHNS Proceedings151'Building Recording in 2007' SVBRG.
SAHNS Proceedings151'People and Places: Essays in honour of Mick Aston' Ed. Michael Costen.
SAHNS Proceedings151'Landscape Community and Colonisation: The North Somerset Levels during the 1st and 2nd millennia AD.' Stephen Rippon.
SAHNS Proceedings151'A Roman Settlement and Medieval Manor House in South Bristol; Excavations at Inns Court.' Reg Jackson.
SAHNS Proceedings151'Charters of Bath and Wells' Ed by S E Kelly
SAHNS Proceedings151'West Country Farms, House-and-Estate Surveys, 1598-1764' Nat Alcock and Cary Carson.
SAHNS Proceedings151'Somerset Churches and Chapels: building, repair and restoration.' Ed. By Robert Dunning.
SAHNS Proceedings151'Somerset Follies' Jonathan Holt.
SAHNS Proceedings152John Lock & Somerset. Roger Woolhouse
SAHNS Proceedings152*An Early Medieval Estate in the Isle Valley of South Somerset and the early endowments of
SAHNS Proceedings152Muchelney Abbey. Mick Aston
SAHNS Proceedings152Excavation of an early medieval site at Brent Knoll, Somerset. Donna Young
SAHNS Proceedings152Kelston in Domesday Book. Frank Thorn
SAHNS Proceedings152Excavation of a medieval site at West Wick, Weston Super Mare. Kelly Powell
SAHNS Proceedings152Wrought Iron Windows in Somerset. John McCann
SAHNS Proceedings152Building Recording in 2008. SVBRG
SAHNS Proceedings152Beyond the Medieval Village - The Diversification of Landscape Character in Southern Britain. Stephen Rippon.
SAHNS Proceedings152Greater Medieval Houses of England and Wales 1300-1500, Vol III, Southern England. Anthony Emery
SAHNS Proceedings152Traditional Buildings in the Parish of Combe St Nicholas. SVBRG
SAHNS Proceedings153Furniture in Wells Cathedral. Gerald Leighton.
SAHNS Proceedings153The most famous monasterium at Bath; it's hundred hides and it's estates, viewed from South
SAHNS Proceedings153Stoke. Frank Thorn.
SAHNS Proceedings153Medieval Settlements at Winscombe parish in North Somerset. Mick Aston, Martin Ecclestone etc
SAHNS Proceedings153John Locke's Somerset property. Roger Woolhouse.
SAHNS Proceedings153 Paper and papermakers around Wells. Brian Luker.
SAHNS Proceedings153The rise and fall of the Brewing Industry in the Wells area: C18th - 20th. Tony Scrase.
SAHNS Proceedings153Fairfield House Stogursey:excavations, 2009. RA Broomhead, Alan Graham, Rachel Shaw.
SAHNS Proceedings153An early millstone from Sandford, Winscombe in N. Somerset. Mick Aston & Martin Watts.
SAHNS Proceedings153The Winscombe Project. Mick Aston, Maria Forbes & Teresa Hall.
SAHNS Proceedings153Building recording in 2009. SVBRG.
SAHNS Proceedings153Land, Power & Prestige: Bronze Age Field Systems in Southern England. David Thomas Yates.
SAHNS Proceedings153Agriculture & Rural Society after the Black Death: common themes and regional variations.
SAHNS Proceedings153A Collection of 13 papers presented at a conference in Durham in 2002, one focuses on Taunton.
SAHNS Proceedings153The Scourging Angel. Benedict Gummer. Black Death 1346-81.
SAHNS Proceedings153Waterways and canal building in Medieval England. A collection of 12 papers.
SAHNS Proceedings153Hampshire Houses 1250-1700, Their dating & Development. Edward Roberts et al.
SAHNS Proceedings154Assessing the contribution of commercial archaeology to the study of Roman Somerset, 1990-2004 Neil Holbrook.
SAHNS Proceedings154Medieval Woodlands in Winscombe Parish. Mick Aston etc.
SAHNS Proceedings154Defining 'Winterstoke' Hundred, Somerset. Frank Thorn.
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