Saturday October 8th

Barns Lecture Poster Ken Bonham will give 2 talks on English Barns. Full details

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Work started on a gallery of typical building details


Membership is open to all, expert and non expert alike. The Group has a membership of some 70 people from all walks of life. A series of talks and visits for Group members is arranged during the year.


Our latest book is now available. Traditional Houses and Farms in the Parish of Trent

Architectural term of the week - "Cyma"

Cyma — molding of double curvature, combining the convex ovolo and concave cavetto. When the concave part is uppermost, it is called a cyma recta but if the convex portion is at the top, it is called a Cyma reversa. 'Cyma stops' are referenced in early SVBRG surveys.

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Drawing of a house

The Group

The Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group, SVBRG is a voluntary organisation founded in 1979 to record and study the traditional houses and buildings of the historic county of Somerset. Of particular interest are the smaller manor houses, farmhouses, cottages and barns which are in the local style and built of local materials.

Cob building

Cob building No problem measuring the wall thicknesses here... From an article on the bbc website