Houses are recorded by a team of four or five people and we welcome a preliminary guided tour of the house during which the owner can point out features which may not be obvious, e.g. a blocked doorway or window now covered by wallpaper, or a fireplace recently opened or removed.

The house is accurately measured, and internal features such as beams, fireplaces, etc are recorded.

Roof spaces and cellars are of particular interest, as it is here that original features may be seen. External features are similarly recorded. Surveys are only undertaken with the owner’s permission and usually take about three hours.

The survey is solely concerned with historic and architectural features and will not refer to the current usage of rooms, modern installations or details of moveable objects.

New working members are most welcome - no previous experience is required - 'on the job' guidance and help will be given. Details can be obtained from the The Secretary:

Measuring the outside


As a voluntary organisation we are unable to provide Heritage Statements.

The Group’s work and running expenses are dependent on donations from householders; reflecting the value of the work to the householder.
If the survey is part of a community survey project we waive the request for individual donations; however, donations are always welcome.

Publications and Projects

To-date, over a thousand buildings have been recorded and in addition, much of the groups work has been published in the “Somerset Villages” series of books:

Many reports from 2005 onwards are available from SVBRG at a cost of 50p per page (plus postage if sent by post). If you are looking for any reports please contact us at and we can advise you of the availability of any report and the cost of providing it.