Features and details of vernacular buildings

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This page is intended to develop a record of building details which may now or at a later date, with more research, allow us to date building histories more accurately.

Kepler triangles in Somerset Houses

This PDF is very early stage research in to the possibility that the Golden or Kepler triangle was used in the design of houses in Somerset. Research is ongoing and this document will be updates periodically.

Roofing materials

Types of roofing materials and batten centres.

Screw threads

Dates for the development of screw threads, nuts and bolts.

King post roof

Details found in an early 19C King Post roof

Dendro Dated

Examples of features found in timbers that have been dendro dated between the 15th and 17th Centuries.

15C Cottage

Roof details of a 15C Cottage.

Jointed crucks and cob walls

Exposed cruck ends may indicate former cob walls.

Vernacular building details gallery

Typical building details with their suggested dates.

Radio Carbon Dating of building timbers

The radio carbon dating of late medieval elm timbers.

Geometric analysis of vernacular buildings

This is ongoing research into the units of measurement used in the design of Somerset vernacular buildings. Its base is the accepted fact that changing wall thicknesses can identify different phases of construction. Here is the reason why wall thicknesses change.

Nailed Ridgboards

A quick look at this C18/19 feature, its dating and how it can occasionally be found on much earlier buildings.