Historic Sat Nav

If you have a modern mobile phone or tablet with gps then the you can have a historic map satnav. Your current position being shown on the historic maps. You will need the pdf-maps app from the following depending on phone type, Android or iPhone
  1. Ignore any options to sign up for their maps we will produce our own, see below.
  2. You need to save our maps on your phone, where you can find it again. I save mine with my photos in a folder called maps.
  3. Open the app and add it with the + sign. Wait while it sorts the map out than you can select it.

Once you have the map loaded

Maps to download

The following are pdf files to load into the mapping app. The maps have been modified to remove cartographic errors in the originals, so they now correctly overlay modern maps. Location information is embedded in them, normal pdf files won't work.