Kinsbury Parish Surveys

Properties in Kingsbury Parish, Somerset, that have been surveyed by SVBRG.
All reports are lodged with the South West Heritage Trust.

Kingsbury Episcopi

The old post office

The Old Post office

Surveyed 2003

There was little dating evidence on which to draw conclusions. It is likely the property dates from c.1500 and was enlarged around 1600, with further modifications mid 17C. The 19C saw installation of large baking ovens.

Dudmoor Cottage

Dudmoor Cottage

Surveyed 1990

Now Quite a small cottage, this was clearly once a much larger house. 16C and of good quality with a smoke bay.
Chimney Cottage

Chimney cottage

Surveyed 1983

Home farm and Veda cottages

Home farm & Veda cottages

Surveyed 1996

East Lambrook

East Lambrook farmhouse
East Lambrook Manor
Bakers farmhouse
Lambrook house
Pittard's Farmhouse

Mid Lambrook

Mid Lambrook Manor (formerly Farmhouse)

West Lambrook

Lower farmhouse
Weylands (formerly Orchards)


Bladen cottage

Burrow Hill

Troth Cottage, Burrow Hill

Troth Cottage

Surveyed 2016

The house, excluding the single storey additions and the adjoining cottage, appears to have only one phase of building. The roof carpentry, the use of cob, the wall thickness and the use of rod and daub partitions suggest the house was built perhaps towards the middle of the 18 th century.
Burrow hill farmhouse



Rodwell Manor


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