SVBRG Lectures For Zoom Meetings

As we are unable to hold are normal meetings we are now planning to introduce regular "zoom meetings". To make the meetings run as smoothly as possible we intend to run some lectures as recorded video, with live questions at the end of the session. If you are really keen it all could be done live.

Using recorded lectures has a number of advantages.

OBS Studio

The software used to record the videos is "OBS Studio". This is free to download from the following site. OBS Studio

For a general introduction to loading and using OBS there are numerous videos on youtube.
The following seems to do a reasonable job. Introduction to OBS Studio


The lecture needs to be prepared as a standard Powerpoint presentation.
The OBS software needs to be set up to record your audio and computer screen. This is a fairly simple thing to do and is explained in the following video. SVBRG Powerpoint on Zoom

OBS can record from other sources such as directories or lists of photos, but in this mode the cursor is hidden so pointing to things is not possible.

Video Editing

Once you have your initial video file it may be worth editing it to remove any mistakes or long pauses. You will probably find you have video editing software already installed with your operating system. It would seem sensible to try this first, and you should find instructions on youtube.

If you don't have any software then you could try Kdenlive. This is free and the software I use. Kdenlive video editor
Again there are lots of instruction videos on youtube.


OBS Windows setup

OBS MAC setup